Trying Bean Fish Taiyaki from Uwajamaya

 For unique and fresh Japanese Taiyaki, head to the food hall at Uwajimaya! Bean Fish first started selling Taiyaki in 2013 from a food truck. They were the first to sell Taiyaki in the states. Today, they now have a permanent location inside Uwajimaya. They sell both sweet and savory fillings for the fish-shaped waffles, the Japanese Taiyaki. I was surprised to see how many different fillings they offer. I chose the Blueberry and Lemon custard filling, and my son picked the S'mores one! They make them right in front of you. They turned out so fresh, hot, and really delicious. We've had these Japanese treats before, but the ones from Bean Fish are the best! 

Besides the Taiyaki they also sell souffle pancakes. We've tried these a couple of times and they're so fun! They're jiggly, soft, and so unique. 

We also browsed around Uwajimaya since we hadn't been there in a while. In the frozen section, my son found a soft serve ice cream cone and I discovered pints of ice cream from Van Leeuwen in NYC. I'd been wanting to try their ice cream for a while, since they're known for their unique flavors. I bought some Churros and Fudge and some Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake. When I got home and tried a bite of each, I wasn't impressed. I will have to try the ice cream again when it's not as melted to give it a fair review! 

Bean Fish Taiyaki 

517 S Weller St

Seattle, WA 

(206) 790-7656


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