Pastries from Breka Bakery in Vancouver, BC


A Banoffee Tart from Breka Bakery. 

One block from where we stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriot is Breka Bakery and Cafe. There are seven locations in Vancouver. This bakery is open 24/7! I went with low expectations, because how fresh would things be from a place that's always open? I was proved wrong when I saw the long line to order, and spotted the never-ending cases filled to the brim with fresh donuts, tarts, breads, and more. It was tricky to decide what to get. 

I ended up ordering several items for my family to try. And since I needed some caffeine, I got a small Vanilla Latte. This was one of the best lattes and the price was very low. In fact, all of the prices for the pastries were low. I ended up with an Almond Croissant, a custard-filled donut, and a delicious looking Banoffee Tart. 

I took my treats and my coffee back to my hotel room. Then we all sampled the goods. I was happily surprised by how fresh and outstanding they were! The Banoffee tart was wonderful. It had bananas, whipped cream, and caramel all on a perfectly made tart crust. I ate about half and had the rest later while waiting to cross the border. This tart really hit. The quality of the croissant was also really nice. And the donut was so fluffy and absolutely full of custard! Everything tasted really amazing with my latte. 

With so many locations around the city, this bakery and cafe is a no-brainer to visit for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me up. Next time I'm in the area, I'll be stopping in again!  

Breka Bakery and Cafe 

855 Davie St

Vancouver, BC 


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