A Visit to Lune Cafe in Pioneer Square


Mini Pancakes at Lune Cafe for the win! We tried the Kinder Bueno and the Strawberry. 

This aesthetic dessert cafe located in Pioneer Square is worth the drive into Seattle, and even worth finding a parking spot for. Because the Mini Pancakes at Lune Cafe are covered in melted chocolate, and they will make you forget your troubles and forget the grey skies of winter. And that's not even counting the drinks. They sell rich and creamy shakes, fruit smoothies, Pistachio Lattes, and refreshing Lemonades. 

While you're waiting for your freshly made pancakes, waffles, or crepe, you can look around the cafe and take selfies, or even grab a board game to play at your table. We tried two kinds of the Mini Pancakes-the Kinder Bueno and the Strawberry. If you've never tried Kinder chocolate, you're in for a treat. This European chocolate is rich and melty, and you'll never forget your first bite. 

The pancakes were sweet and soft and had tons of chocolate on top. There was white and milk chocolate on the Kinder Bueno kind and it was topped with a whole Kinder chocolate candy bar! 

The Strawberry pancakes had white chocolate and a strawberry sauce. There was also fresh sliced strawberries on top. The Mini Pancakes are perfect for sharing, but one order can easily be polished off by one person. We had two orders for four people.

We also tried two of the delicious drinks. We had the Nutella Oreo and a Valentine's Day signature drink- a Strawberry Cooler. This pretty drink had a lemonade base with fresh strawberries. The shake was thick and rich, also perfect for sharing with our group! They also have a selfie area with a bench for photos by the entrance. They change it for each season, so there were hearts on the wall when we visited! 

Definitely check out this dessert spot in Pioneer Square and treat yourself to some unique and tasty things! 

Lune Cafe 

107 1st Ave S

Seattle, WA 

(206) 485-7383


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