Trying the new Biscoff Collection at Krispy Kreme

 Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Lotus Biscoff to create a tasty collab! The Biscoff Collection features three delicious doughnuts. There's a Biscoff Iced doughnut, a Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake one, and a Biscoff Cookie Butter Kreme filled doughnut. 

We got six doughnuts, and we were able to try all three. I love Biscoff Cookie Butter on waffles and toast, but I'd never had Cookie Butter on doughnuts. Yum! And we also really like the Lotus Biscoff cookies. You've probably had them on planes, since some airlines serve them. 

But back to the Krispy Kreme Biscoff doughnuts- you've got to run and try them! We really liked all three doughnuts. The Biscoff Iced one is their Original glazed doughnut but dipped in Cookie Butter. A little bit of a twist and added sweetness to their original. 

My favorite was the Biscoff Cookie Butter filled one! It had chocolate on top, along with Biscoff crumbles. But my favorite part was the delicious Cookie Butter filling inside. The Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake doughnut has a creamy and rich frosting. It has a Cookie Butter icing, along with cream cheese frosting and the Biscoff crumbles. 

You definitely need a sweet tooth to enjoy these doughnuts! My family and I all shared, so we didn't overindulge too much. If you want to try these Biscoff Collection at Krispy Kreme, you can until January 29th! 

                                             The Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake doughnut. 

                                                            The Biscoff Iced doughnut.

The Biscoff Cookie Butter Kreme Filled doughnut. 

Krispy Kreme 

1900 1st Ave S.

Seattle, WA 


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