Two new food spots at Westfield Southcenter | Coco Fresh Tea and Juice and Popeyes


A large Berry Lover drink with Tapioca from Coco Fresh Tea and Juice. 

Just recently, two new spots opened at Westfield Southcenter in Tukwila. We went and checked out Coco Fresh Tea and Juice for some boba and then we grabbed a Chicken Sandwich for dinner at Popeyes

Coco Fresh has a nice sized store with ample seating. They're located on the first floor, across from Duke's Seafood and next to the T-Mobile Store. I wanted something fruity and refreshing, so I ordered the Berry Lover drink and I added tapioca. The large ended up being almost too big for my husband and I. I would have been fine with a medium sized drink. I liked the strawberry flavor and the strawberry pieces. I'd visited their location in Bellevue before, so I knew what to expect as far as the quality of the bubble tea drinks. I waited a couple of years for this location to open, so I'm excited Westfield Southcenter has a Coco Fresh now! 

A brand-new addition to their food court is a fan favorite-Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. They got really popular because of their Chicken Sandwich. When they first released it, people came in droves to this fast-food chain and they sold out of the Chicken Sandwich regularly. I tried it a few years ago and loved it. Their Chicken Sandwich is thick, with a huge, juicy piece of chicken. It has that crispy breading Popeyes is known for. There's also mayo and a couple pickles. This is one of my favorite Chicken Sandwiches. And now I can get it at Westfield Southcenter. 

There you have it! A couple of new food spots in Tukwila.

 Happy eating and exploring! 

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice 

728 Southcenter Mall 

Tukwila, WA 

(206) 453-5007

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2800 Southcenter Mall Space Fc8

Tukwila, WA 


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