Eating at Dim Sum House for Lunar New Year

 To celebrate Lunar New Year, we ate at our neighborhood dim sum spot in Beacon Hill, Dim Sum House. This is the Year of the Rabbit. It's a water rabbit year that only occurs every sixty years. Year of the Rabbit 2023 begins January 22nd. The Rabbit symbolizes peace, prosperity, and vigor in the Chinese zodiac. 

We always enjoy eating at Dim Sum House because of how tasty, hot, and well prepared the dishes are. They have Bubble Tea and a large menu with pictures of the food. Some of the dishes we got this time were the Pork Potstickers, some Shrimp Dumplings, the Veggie Springrolls, a Strawberry Milk Tea, some Custard Buns, and some Egg Tarts. My husband also got some dishes for himself like Chicken Feet, Beef Honeycomb, Beef Rice Noodle Roll, and Sticky Rice. 

My favorite dish on this visit were the Custard Buns. These were so soft and satisfying. Like the Egg Tarts, these are some of the sweet items. 

Pork Potstickers. 

Veggie Springrolls. 

Shrimp Dumplings. 

Strawberry Milk Tea with Tapioca. 

Custard Buns. 

Egg Tarts. 

Dim Sum House 

4860 Beacon Ave S

Seattle, WA 

(206) 725-1867

Looking for some more places to eat in Seattle to celebrate Lunar New Year? 

Here are 5 more spots I recommend! Click on the restaurant link for the blog post. 

Honey Court Seafood Restaurant 

Jade Garden Restaurant

Ocean Star 

New Luck Toy 

Din Tai Fung

Have a Happy Lunar New Year! 


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