Honey Court Seafood Restaurant

Seattle's International District is brimming over with Dim Sum choices.  If you can get lucky and grab a parking spot, the world is your oyster.  I posted last month about my visit to Grand Jumbo for Dim Sum but this time its Honey Court Seafood Restaurant.  I had five different dishes so the photos will be different, don't worry! The exterior and interior of these places are never much to look at, so I focused on capturing the food, which should always be the main thing anyway.  Honey Court is pretty standard Chinese food.  It was all warm, fresh, and a little bit greasy.  I couldn't resist ordering a plate of Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Who doesn't love some of that?  It was another tasty meal out with my family. 
When the dim sum cart rolled by the first time, I chose some shrimp dumplings.  My son loved the shrimp and well, the whole thing I guess!  I liked them too, but I really liked the vibrant color of the dish. 

Then we all shared some Vegetable Chow Mein, which I really enjoyed.  I liked all the hot veggies, especially the bean sprouts, and the mien was cooked perfectly.

Here we have some chicken feet.  I didn't try any because my son wanted it all!  That was funny and unexpected!

We ate some white sugar gelatin desserts while we waited for our Sweet and Sour Chicken and my husband's Beef Rice Noodle dish.  I didn't take a photo of that because we had that at Grand Jumbo and included that in the post.  We also had the BBQ Pork Buns which we had a Grand Jumbo, too.  My son also loved that dish!

And finally, the Sweet and Sour Chicken, one of my favorites!

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