A Visit to Raised Doughnuts


A box of doughnuts from Raised Doughnuts in Seattle's Central District. 

Here in Seattle, we're blessed with lots of great doughnut spots! I recently checked out Raised Doughnuts, a place I'd had on my list for a while. I made a mistake though and visited about thirty minutes before they closed for the day. Not a good thing, since they were out of some of the January flavors I wanted to try. The doughnuts also aren't super fresh then. But they did give us some doughnuts for free since it was near closing time. 

I went in with low expectations because of the time, and I was happy to see they had four kinds of doughnuts left. I ended up getting all four kinds. They have two kinds of doughnut holes. One is  Raspberry Doughnut Holes and the other is Chocolate Chip Doughnut Holes. I also tried the Toasted Coconut and the Mochi Sugar Doughnut. 

The Raspberry Doughnut Holes weren't our fav and were too tart for our liking. There was also pesky seeds in our teeth afterwards. The Chocolate Chip Doughnut Holes were a little lacking in flavor for us. But we did really enjoy the Toasted Coconut ones. These doughnuts had a nice, raised texture and still tasted pretty fresh. The toasted coconut on top was also tasty. The Mochi Sugar Doughnuts are gluten free and had a nice, chewy texture. 

Raised Doughnuts has a cool industrial style store with lots of seating. Their elephant logo is super cute, too. I recommend going early to get your doughnuts! They have some unique and interesting doughnuts to try. If you get there early you can try more monthly specials like their Burnt Sugar and Orange one, Mango Mochi, and Blackberry Chevre! 

Raised Doughnuts 

2301 E. Union St Ste L 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 420-4077

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