Dinner at Vinason Pho in SODO

 Do you like Vietnamese food, beer, and watching sports? Check out Vinason Pho in Seattle. They're located by the stadiums in SODO. They have something cool and unique-a self-serve beer wall! They have beer, wine, and cider. Just purchase a card, insert it into the slot of the drink of your choice, and pull the tab into your cup. Each drink also has a screen with the info for each drink selection. They sell the drink cards in increments of $10 or $20. 

When you enter Vinason Pho, you'll go to one of the kiosks to the right. You can order your food and drinks and then you'll receive a text when your food is ready. Just don't forget to grab napkins, sauces, chopsticks, and other utensils while you wait. That's the part I don't like about quick serve places- having to keep jumping up and getting stuff you forgot, while your food gets cold. They also have a water station, so don't forget to hydrate if you plan on trying a bunch of drinks from the beer wall! 

Another fun drink they serve is adult juice pouches. They look like big Capri Suns and taste really good, too. My husband and I wanted to try one of these and something from the beer wall, so we bought one Cocktail Cooler and a $10 card for the beer wall. We poured ourselves a Rainier Beer and a Blackberry Pear Cider. This is a really cool concept to pour your own beer. It feels kind of novelty, but I'm here for it. I really liked the cider. It tasted so fruity and bubbly. 

They have a wide range of food options. My husband and I each got Pho. He had Chicken and I had Beef Brisket in mine. I didn't love the brisket, as it was kind of tough. My sons had Chicken Wings and Tator Tots. They also have chips, so my son had some Jalapeño ones. He loves spicy things. The wings we got were also spicy and had a nice kick. The tots were way to salty, although they had a nice crunch. 

They have huge screens at Vinason Pho and everybody's eyes are glued to a game. I'm sure they get packed when there's a game across the street at the stadiums. The drinks were my favorite part about this spot. I recommend stopping in to try the beer wall or having a fun novelty cocktail like the juice pouch we had. 

Vinason Pho 

1521 1st Ave Ste 101

Seattle, WA 

(206) 403-1827


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