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Chicago is a city for architecture lovers. The first skyscraper in the world was in Chicago and was ten stories tall. That was in 1885. Today, two of Chicago's tallest buildings are the Willis Tower (formerly called the Sears Tower) and 875 North Michigan (formally know as the John Hancock Tower). The Willis Tower is 110 stories tall, and 1,450 feet tall. It's the 8th tallest in the world. The 875 North Michigan Tower is 100 stories and 1,128 feet tall. We went to the top, the observation deck is called the 360 Chicago, and you can see that post here. Other architecture in Chicago we checked out is the Art Institute of Chicago in Grant Park and Millennium Park that I've written about in separate posts. Just click on the link for my post. 

The very first thing in Chicago we saw was the Calder's Flamingo statue. This 53 foot statue is located in front of the Federal Building. We walked up the stairs out of the L Train stop and there this was. 

And we also spotted Willis Tower, to the left with the blue light on top. 

You have to be careful when looking up in Chicago, because you wouldn't want to hurt your neck. 

The Chicago Board of Trade Building. It was built in 1930. And it looked really cool at night. 

Looking up at the Willis Tower. It was built in 1973. 

Walking along Michigan Ave. means lots of looking up at buildings and trying not to run into anyone. Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. 

The iconic Chicago River is perfect for photos. I love the contrast of the river and the buildings. The Trump Hotel stands 1,116 feet tall and was also really visible from the 360 Chicago observation. 

If you have time and boats are your thing, there are many different boat tours available on the Chicago River. They all offer a different perspective of  Chicago's architecture. 

The Chicago River is actually 156 miles long and runs through the center of the city. 

The Chicago Tribune Tower was built in 1923 and is a neo-Gothic skyscraper. 

This is the Chicago Water Tower and was built in 1869. Its the second oldest water tower in the U.S. 

The moon shines brightly over Chicago's buildings in the Loop. 

Another shot of the Willis Tower at night. 

A view inside the Chicago Board of Trust building. 

This Chicago landmark, the two tall and round towers to the left, are called Marina City and are a mixed use residential and commercial complex. 

This is the back of the Picasso, a sculpture located in Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop.  

I posted a lot of shots already of the 875  North Michigan Tower on my other post about the observation deck, but here's one anyway. It was completed over forty years ago and is the 9th tallest in the country. 

I loved all of the flags in downtown Chicago. This green and gold building also caught my eye. Its the Carbide and Carbon Building and is now a hotel. This art deco landmark was built in 1929. 
I hope you've enjoyed my photography and info on Chicago's architecture and sculptures. I'm sure I've left out a ton, but these are mostly what we saw on our visit. Chicago really is a city that has it all. Architecture, great food, live music, art, and gorgeous river and lake views. What more could you want?


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