Lunch at World Pizza

If pizza is your game but you're not crazy about piling lots of meat on it, then World Pizza in the International District is the place to go. They sell whole pies and slices, beer and wine, and even huge chocolate chip cookies. This spot's perfect for a quick meal that won't cost an arm and a leg.

I love pepperoni on my pizza, but over the years I've been finding alternatives such as Turkey Pepperoni which basically tastes the same. At World Pizza they have a vegetarian one. I chose a slice of that with pineapple. My husband picked a slice of their vegan pizza which had black olives, red sauce, onions, peppers, and jalapenos. Our sons each had a slice of the cheese pizza. When we walked into the shop, their eyes grew the size of dinner plates when they spotted the cookies. They were the perfect size for sharing and they're baked in house. The guy working there was really friendly and helpful. He told us everything we needed to know about the food and helped us choose what to get.

I liked how the pizza was lighter and less greasier than other spots. It was also nice and thin, and easy to devour. If you're strolling though the I.D and get a hankering for Vegetarian Pizza, this is the place. 

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