Rione XIII

Rome is on my bucket list just like a lot of people I suppose.  So when I discovered a notable Trattoria with traditional Roman dishes, I had to check it out.   I'm talking about Ethan Stowell's Rionne XIII in Capital Hill.  He named it after his favorite district in Rome, Trastevere, in the 13th district.  I'd had my eye on it for a while but was looking for a special occasion to go.  So this Mother's Day my husband and I took a chance and decided to go with our twin boys.  They do have highchairs and are family friendly but its still a nice place and my boys are loud and vocal.  We did draw some attention but we loved the food. 

I enjoy Italian, in fact its my favorite.  Hello, pizza!  Their pizza was incredible, very tasty and notable.  We shared one with roasted mushrooms and the four of us savored every bite.  But first we ate the Burrata and oh my, how can one go wrong with creamy mozzarella?  It also arrived with bread and a delicious, sweet red sauce which enhanced the flavor of the dish.  Our drinks arrived after that and I can't remember the names but mine had grapefruit juice and prosecco and my husband's had bourbon.  Next up was the fried artichoke which was also unique and unforgettable.  They arrived with small tongs to make it sharable and a nice aioli for dipping.  Then the pizza came and after that showstopper, we concluded our meal with the Suppli al Telefono- fried Risotto balls with beef ragu and mozzarella.  We also liked those but they didn't seem as special since we'd had something like it before at other places and can make them at home.  But they were a nice way to end things.

If you're looking for a taste of Rome in Seattle then check out Rionne XIII.  You'll be dreaming of Italy and you'll leave feeling full and satisfied.
This creamy Burrata was a good way to start our meal.

The Carciofi alla Guidia- our fried artichoke with Aioli.

Our Taleggio Pizza.  It had roasted mushrooms, Taleggio cheese and truffle oil.

Suppli al Telefono, our fried Risotto balls. 

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