Memorable Museum Interiors

There's nothing like that awe moment when you first enter a museum.  Before anything is viewed and pondered over and admired and criticized, you see and feel the powerful room which houses all that great art.  The inside, the interior rooms and the structure of the museums, is also art.

From the grand and sweeping interiors of the Louvre and the intimate Rodin Museum in Paris, these places are every bit as memorable as the art.  The Bible Museum in Amsterdam has a blue sweeping staircase that's not only picturesque but adds an eclectic note to the place that's worth checking out.  In New York, its MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.   Spacious and contemporary, each floor has white walls and long windows showing each level, that makes it stand out.  Also home to NYC is the American Museum of Natural History.  Who doesn't love the dinosaur in the lobby, looming toward the high ceiling and making it the centerpiece of the lobby?

The saddest thing for me is when all photography is prohibited.  I understand not photographing the art sometimes, but some interiors just beg to be photographed.

Note: I got inspired last week at Seattle's Asian Art Museum.  It was a surprise and a treat to see the beautiful rooms there.  I'm excited to visit some more museums in my own backyard of Seattle, as their are many more I've yet to see.  The Frye Art Museum is my next visit and I'm hoping I can use my camera.  Click on the links to the museums above and you'll be taken to each one's homepage.
The Louvre in Paris offers plenty of breathtaking rooms filled to the brim with art.  I loved the high ceiling and endless paintings to ogle. 
The famous marble Nike of Samothrace sculpture dominates the room and is perfectly suited for the grandness of the Louvre. 
The lobby of the Rodin Museum in Paris has a gorgeous staircase and high ceilings that called to me. 
The blue staircase at the Bible Museum in Amsterdam that we could walk up again and again... 
Even the walls and windows at MoMA are artistic and unique, just like the art. 
And finally, the iconic Dinosaur that greets each visitor at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.


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