Beth Turns Two!

The special milestones are the ones we remember the most and turning two is very special, indeed.  The birthday girl may not remember, but all her friends and family surrounding her as she blew out the candle on her cake, will. 

This past Saturday I took some photos at Beth's second birthday party.  It was held at her home and she had fun running around her backyard with her cousins, eating hot dogs, opening gifts and having birthday cake.  Her great grandma bought her a kiddie cell phone, a quite nice one in fact, and she had a blast playing with it the remainder of the party.

I love capturing special moments and now her family will have these pictures to treasure.  Because I'm sure Beth will grow up fast and isn't it fun looking back at these times when they're small?
Beth is two already?  It seems like I was just at her baby shower! 

Make a wish, little Beth!

Aww, she loves her little cousin.  Squeeze him good!

Awesome, my own phone! Now I don't have to use Mommy's!

"Hello?  Can you hear me?"  Guess what?  I'm two now!"


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