Dinner at Flying Squirrel Pizza Co.

Last night the fam and I had dinner at the Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. in Georgetown.  We ate there last year shortly after they opened, for lunch, and it was worth checking out again for dinner.  On our last visit my sister-in law and my husband and I all tried their personal pizzas.  But I didn't think that was a good representation of their crusts.  The toppings were fresh and unique but the crust was too thick and bubbly.  This time we shared a large pizza and it was perfect.  The crust was thinner yet had a solid base to hold the toppings.  The tomato sauce was also nice.  Pretty light and not all in your face salty or spicy.  It had a good amount of cheese and I liked the toppings I chose.  Pineapple from Maui and artisan ham.  So delish.  My husband had meatballs on his side which he really liked.  We started with cocktails and the Homemade Meatballs to nosh on.  My husband drank a Rum Derby which had rum, lime and maple syrup and I drank a Tinnie's NYC which had bourbon.  Then to finish off we all shared a piece of the Key Lime Pie.  I liked the whipped cream and strawberry on top and the tartness of the pie.  It was a nice and light way to end our meal of Italian food.  I was impressed this visit and was glad to see the place pretty busy, too. 
A Tinnie's NYC drink to start our dinner off right.

A Rum Derby with rum, lime and maple syrup.

Homemade meatballs with grass-fed, local beef and veal. 

A Surfin' Squirrel, artisan ham and pineapple from Maui on one side and meatballs and cheese on the other.

A little key lime pie for dessert.

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