Lunch at Zippy's in Georgetown

Sometimes you just want a cheeseburger for lunch.  So it was the perfect time to head to the new Zippy's Giant Burgers in Georgetown.  They have another location in White Center and people love their burgers so they opened another one.  The burgers are fresh and their beef chuck is ground everyday.  We could tell the patties were high quality as the texture and flavor was spot on.  My husband and I shared the No. 11 which had the perfect amount of heat due to the peppers.  It had Mama's Lil' Kick Butt Peppers, smoky chipotle mayo, lettuce, Monterey jack and smoked cheddar cheese and we were kicking ourselves that we didn't get our own.  We also got a Zip Burger for our boys to share which had Zippy's secret sauce, tomato, pickles, red onion, lettuce and cheese.  We liked their secret sauce which resembles Thousand Island and is mayo based.  We shared a basket of fries which we also really liked.  We are fry fiends and these hit the mark.  Their décor is nice with bright blue walls and framed photos of old school burger and drive in joints.  Their burgers are way good and we'll return for more soon! 

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