Sub Zero Ice Cream

Yesterday, and today, has been some of the hottest days Seattle has seen in a while.  In this 94 degree heat, there's nothing that beats eating ice cream.  I spent the day with my sister-in law, my nephew and my niece yesterday and we checked out Sub Zero Ice Cream.  What's so neat about that place? What makes this Ice Cream shop so different from all the others?  They use liquid nitrogen in a state of the art freezing process.  How cool, literately! When you walk in there's a very long list of flavors and toppings to choose, or mix-ins.  I picked caramel with cookie dough mix-ins.  Then you can pick which type of milk and then how cold you want your ice cream, either teeth tingler-soft serve, numb tongue-scoopable, or brain freeze-rock hard you can take to go.  Finally, the best part.  They take the milk and sugar and use the liquid nitrogen to freeze it into your ice cream, right in front of you. 

My neice ordered a flavor called Tiger Blood, Cherry Ice Cream, with Cherries mixed in.  She was going to get Bacon with her Tiger Blood but they were out of Bacon that day. 

Click here for more about Sub Zero Ice Cream.


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