National Roasted Marshmallow Day

Happy Roasted Marshmallow Day! When I think roasted marshmallow's I think s'mores. Then I think about summer and how its almost ending.  Always a sad time.  Don't get me wrong, I happen to love Fall.  My birthday is in October and I love the feeling of change and how everything is new again.  I especially love the fall foliage-what photographer wouldn't? But summer happens to be my favorite time of year and its almost over.  I made a fresh peach pie yesterday and now I'm writing about s'mores and campfires.  To me, its a perfect wrap up of my favorite season.  And really, summer doesn't end until late September and Seattle often has Indian summers, so really I'm not that sad but you get the gist.  Luckily, as I get older time seems to fly and the seasons come around faster than I can keep up with.  So it will be summer before I know it and I will be making s'mores and peach pie again. 

But anyway, back to roasted marshmallows.  I adore smore's around the campfire.  They bring me back to my childhood in Montana, sitting around the campfire with my family and friends.  The texture of chocolate to the gooey roasted marshmallow and then the crunch of the graham cracker is delicious and a true classic dessert.  Of course the fun part is roasting the marshmallow over the fire, usually on long sticks we find in the woods, then almost burning the marshmallow and having to blow fire off the thing.  I like mine almost black, I tend to like burnt things like toast, then its fun to assemble the s'more and eat it.  The whole experience is a gooey mess, but that's what fun about it.  I'm usually camping, so it goes with the territory.  Last summer when I went home to Montana to visit my family, we made smore's.  My brother brought a bag of caramels which we stuck on our roasting sticks along with the marshmallow.  The result? A s'more with chocolate and caramel. 

Some good stuff!  I like my s'mores the classic way, with a marshmallow roasted outside over the campfire.  We usually use Hershey bars but have been known to use chocolate frosting.  The caramels added a fun twist to the treat and I bet there are tons of other things one could add to a s'more to shake things up a little. 

                             Here's to summer and to National Roasted Marshmallow Day!


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