Alki Beach

Today my husband and I took advantage of the sunny summer day and went to Alki Beach.  Alki is in West Seattle across the the water from Seattle.  We go there a lot in the warm summer months and I love the view of the city's ever changing skyline.  There tends to be lots of crowds on the weekends, so today, a Monday was perfect.  People love to lay on the beach and sunbath, have picnics, barbeque's, play volleyball, walk their dogs, bide bikes, play in the sand, eat ice cream and the list goes on and on.  There's so much to do on Alki and that's why it's such a popular place to be.  When my family visits from out of town, I take them there.  When I want to watch a sunset, I go there.  There's many restaurants along the strip that are also pretty decent.  We've eaten at many of them and dined outside while eating, sipping cocktails and people watching.  Alki Point Lighthouse is also available for touring.  A couple of years ago, we did just that.  I love lighthouses, so of course I showed up with my camera and checked it out.  The lighthouse is only open in the summer I believe, or was at the time we visited.  Over the years I've taken tons of photos here so I hope you enjoy a few I've shot during various visits to Alki Beach. 

Alki in July.  Tons of sunbathers! July 2011

Pizza at Pegasus on Alki.  Last summer, my parents visited and we ate here while dining outside with a view of the beach.  The pizza was so good!   

Alki Point Lighthouse, July 2011.
Today was a nice day looking out towards Seattle.  August 2012.
A ferry making its way across Elliott Bay.  Just a week or so ago, I was a passenger on one of those and Alki Beach where I stood today, just glistened across the way. 

I hope you've enjoyed my photographs from Alki Beach.  I'm sure the future will bring many more visits and photos, so stay tuned!


  1. This pictures are amazing! Have you taken any of California Ave, in the summertime?

    You are a fantastic photographer!

  2. Hi Collen, Thanks! No, I've never taken any of California Ave. I've just taken photos of some restaurants in the Junction. Love that area!


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