Soft Serve from Tip Top Ice Cream | A Visit to Highland Park Corner Store


Some Marionberry New Zealand style ice cream from Tip Top Ice Cream

To celebrate Father's Day, our family went out for ice cream to Tip Top Ice Cream. They're located inside of Highland Park Corner Store in West Seattle. Inside this shop you'll find snacks for sale, an espresso and coffee stand, sandwiches made to order, beer and wine, and ice cream. 

The ice cream from Tip Top is advertised as "New Zealand style with a northwest twist". We've had this style of ice cream before, and it really is fantastic. The dairy base is made using fresh fruit and then it is swirled in a machine, creating fruity, soft serve ice cream.

I chose their seasonal special, Marionberry. My son chose a kid's size Strawberry with chocolate sprinkles, in a sugar cone. The prices are really decent, too. His was only $5 and my medium sized ice cream in a cup was $7. The medium was a big serving, however. The ice cream tasted delicious and as good as it looked. So fresh and creamy! 

My husband and I also shared some Froze, a Rose Slushie, that tasted so refreshing. For $9, this seemed like a great deal. The barista messed up a coffee order, so she gave us a free iced latte, so we also enjoyed that! The sandwiches they make there also looked great, and we may have to come back to the Highland Park Corner Store again! 

Highland Park Corner Store 

7789 Highland Park Way SW 

Seattle, WA 


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