A Day Trip to Vashon Island | June 2024


The Point Robinson Lighthouse located on Vashon Island. 

My family visited Vashon Island recently. There's only one way to get there, and that is by taking a ferry from West Seattle. The ferry ride is a short one, but a scenic one. My sons love the views and still get excited to ride ferries. I still get excited about riding a ferry, so I can't really blame them. Even though Vashon isn't far away, it feels like a world away from Seattle. Time seems to slow down here, and you won't find any chain stores or traffic. 

Our first stop was O Sole Mio, a spot we love which serves incredible pizza by the slice and strong cocktails. This time they had a square pizza, covered in pepperoni that was unforgettable. They even had hot honey to drizzle on the slices. This pizza was well made, and I wished I would have gotten two slices. I also had a Lemon Drop to drink, and it was so tasty. 

This building looked so neat, and it houses the restaurant, Ruby Brink. 

After hanging out at a local playground for a while, it was time for a treat and some coffee. We stumbled upon Vashon Island Baking Co. and I'm so glad we stopped in. Their pastry case was chock full of goodies, and they had exactly what I was craving- a sea salt caramel and chocolate tart. It was rich and delicious! My son tried a Chocolate Croissant, and I also drank an Oat Milk Chai Latte that hit the spot!

Then we drove about fifteen minutes across Vashon to Point Robinson. This 10-acre park is full of fun things to check out. This was our second time seeing the Point Robinson Lighthouse. Then we looked for the troll, one of the Danish artist Thomas Dambo's creations. He made trolls for the PNW using recycled materials. 

The Way of the Bird King project consists of six trolls in WA and OR. This was the fourth Northwest Troll we saw. Oscar the Bird King on Vashon Island is giant, and he sits and points. He's not too far from the parking lot and there is a sign for him. I love how whimsical and wondrous these NW Trolls are! 


After the Point Robinson Park, we went to our dinner reservation at May Kitchen and Bar. This Thai spot in Vashon Island opened in 2012 and is a popular spot. Some say it's the best Thai restaurant in all of WA state. A lot of the decor inside was brought over from Thailand. 

My husband had a cocktail that tasted like an Old Fashioned. My son started with the Prawns, and we had the Green Papaya Salad. Then we enjoyed some Chicken Phad Thai, which is finished and garnished tableside by the server. This was a fun aspect of our meal. 

After dinner we caught the ferry back to Seattle. Our day on Vashon Island was a fun and memorable one, and I hope we'll visit again soon! 


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