An Anniversary Brunch at El Camino in Fremont


I love towers, especially boozy towers. 

Check out this Mimosa Tower we ordered at El Camino. For $22 it came with four fruity mimosas- Passionfruit, Guava, Mango, and Pomegranate! Perfect for a wedding anniversary brunch. 

 To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we had brunch at El Camino. This was our second time dining at this lively Mexican spot in Fremont. When I saw on their socials they serve a Mimosa Tower at brunch, I wanted to go for our anniversary. We ordered the tower, and it was a fun and unique way to drink mimosas. They were strong and fruity, but all four flavors did kind of taste similar. My husband helped me drink the mimosas, but he also ordered a unique rum cocktail served in a skull glass! Their cocktails at El Camino are so fun. 

To eat, my son and I chose the French Toast. The Mexican French Toast has Piloncillo syrup, Mexican cinnamon and orange zest, then it's topped with fresh fruit and creme anglaise. It was a big serving, so it was just right for breakfast the next day. My other son had the quesadillas from the kid's menu and my husband ordered the Birria Hash. This came with two eggs, slow roasted shredded beef, crispy potatoes, and one Queso Birria with consomm√© sauce. 

We really enjoyed our brunch and especially the unique novelty drinks, which were perfect for our anniversary celebration! 

El Camino 

607 N 35th St

Seattle, WA 

I also baked a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting for our anniversary. I ordered these cute Minnie and Mickey Mouse cake toppers from Amazon. Then I decorated the cake with some gold, silver, and white sprinkles! 


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