Dinner at Ananas Pizzeria in Seattle's First Hill

 Seattle has no shortage of places to enjoy a slice or two of pizza. So, I'm always on the hunt to discover my next favorite spot to indulge on my favorite food- pizza! Enter the latest place I discovered, Ananas Pizzeria, nestled in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood. 

They are a new pizza joint with a full bar and by the same owner as Seattle's much loved Tauras Ox. They bring the flavors of Laos in SE Asia to their dishes. At Ananas, which means pineapple, you can get a Lao pizza. These toppings are for the adventurous pizza eater and has Khao soi meat, Lao lardon (which is pork), bamboo shoot, red onion, dill, provolone, mozzarella, and a red sauce. The slice I tried was interesting and had a strong pork flavor, and I didn't love the bamboo and dill. I was happy to try it though, since I was curious what Lao pizza would taste like. We went with our friends and one of them ordered this pizza. I gave her a slice of my pie and she did the same. 

But me being a pepperoni fan, I just had to order the Bird's Eye Honey pizza. This one has pepperoni, red pepper flakes, bird's eye chili honey, chives, Grana Padano cheese, mozzarella, and red sauce. This one was nice and spicy! It was almost too hot, so I couldn't eat too many slices. But I loved the flavor, and their crust has the perfect chew. 

My whole family loved the crust, and how each slice had the perfect amount of cheese. My kids shared a Cheese Pizza, which they quickly devoured and couldn't get enough of. My husband had Magic Mario pizza. This one has lots of mushrooms, three different kinds. He also loved his pizza and was really happy about the crust. Our family is picky when it comes to pizza, but Ananas impressed us all. We also did half and half on two of the pizzas. They will do this for an extra $6. 

They have a daily happy hour. We tried an Old Fashioned cocktail which was only $9. For an appetizer we all shared some Loaded Tots. They were so cute because they came to the table in a pizza box, for slices. They were fully loaded with pickled jalapenos, shredded cheddar cheese, and some sort of deep-fried pork. These were so crispy and the jalapenos were so spicy and good. 

And for dessert we all shared an Elephant Ear. This one was topped with vanilla ice cream and pineapples. My son was a huge fan and ate most of it. The texture and flavor of the dough was delicious. Such a fun and unique dessert to offer at a pizzeria! 

If you're a pizza aficionado like me, you'll enjoy and appreciate Ananas. From the unique toppings, the chewy crust, and full bar, this spot should be on your list! 

An Old Fashioned from the happy hour menu.

The Loaded Tots! 

This is the Lao Pizza and the Pepperoni Pizza, which my friend's son enjoyed! 

The Cheese Pizza was also amazing! This one has four types of cheese! 

My slice of the Lao Pizza! 

Our Bird's Eye Honey and Magic Mario Pizza. 

An Elephant Ear for dessert.

Ananas Pizza

1106 8th Ave 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 906-9923


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