Trying Detroit-Style Pizza at Sunny Hill


A large Detroit-style pizza with half pepperoni and half cheese from Sunny Hill in Ballard.

For dinner on our wedding anniversary, my husband and I celebrated with our sons at Sunny Hill in Ballard. While our boys were in school, we were able to have lunch out at Cantina Monarca. (See my last post here for more). Sunny Hill is a locally owned neighborhood spot in Ballard that serves Detroit-Style pizza along with 12-inch round pizzas. They also have burgers, waffle fries, and small plates. They have a full bar with craft made cocktails to pair with your food. 

We had never tried true Detroit-Style pizza before, and it was on my foodie bucket list. This type of pizza is square, really thick, and has a really nice, caramelized crust. It's definitely worth trying at least once. The pepperoni is usually the pepperoni cups, and you can't forget a side of hot honey and ranch. Since not everyone in my family likes pepperoni, we went with a large pizza with half cheese and half pepperoni. We also started with an order of some waffle fries with ranch for dipping. 

My husband and I each ordered a cocktail. His had mezcal and pineapple and was called a Money Trees. Mine was the Dagger House and had gin, lime, Campari, and strawberry. The fresh strawberry garnish tasted like it was just picked from a garden. 

Our pizza didn't take long to arrive at all. Each piece was incredibly filling, and we each only put away one slice. This meant leftover pizza for the next day. Score! Their Detroit-style pizza was delicious and very satisfying. I recommend trying this style of pizza if you haven't. It's unique and a fun way to have pizza. The corner slices are the best because of the caramelized crust. 

For dessert we got a huge chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. This was one awesome and delicious cookie! It was thick, chock full of chocolate and hard to stop eating. Luckily, we were all splitting it.  They don't take reservations and they open at 4:00, so you need to go early if you want a table without a long wait. We arrived around 4:45 and we only had to wait five minutes. When we left, there were a lot of people waiting. Sunny Hill is a little of the way for us in Ballard, but it was worth going there and trying some Detroit-style pizza.

Sunny Hill 

3127 NW 85th Street 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 659-0355


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