Dinner at Cafe Flora


The Warm Kale Artichoke Dip served with grilled bakehouse sourdough, perfect for a chilly evening out. 

My family and I recently had dinner at Cafe Flora. A Seattle favorite for thirty years, Cafe Flora serves vegetarian cuisine and is located in Madison Park. We've dined there several times before. For Mother's Day a few years back, we had a lovely brunch. They don't take reservations at all, so going for brunch can be tricky. However, they do take brunch for Mother's Day. The wait on just a regular weekend can be an hour and a half at least. So this time, we went around 5 pm, before the dinner crowds came. 

The interior at Cafe Flora is bright with pretty wallpaper, flower arrangements, and a light filled atrium. I'd never dined in the atrium area before, so I was excited to sit there this time. My husband and I each started with a Gingersnap Old Fashioned. My son had a Pineapple Juniper Fizz, which was fruity and fun, and arrived in a 'grown up' glass. The drinks tasted delicious! We also started wtih an order of the Yam Fries. These crispy and perfectly seasoned yam fries also came with a Cayenne aioli, which was so good. 

My sons each had the Cheese Quesadillas from the kid's menu. I ordered the Warm Kale Artichoke Dip. It came with some lovely grilled sourdough bread. My husband had the Italian Burger with Yam Fries. This was a grilled black bean burger on a potato roll. He also ordered a Bloody Mary to drink. It had a ton of fresh veggies on top of the drink. My dish was nice and hot, and full of yummy veggies and a vegan mozzarella, which I didn't even realize was vegan. The dip tasted so fresh and tasty on the grilled bread. The serving was for two, so I finished it the next day for lunch. 

We had to get dessert of course! Their desserts are hard to pass up. Cafe Flora is owned by the same people as The Flora Bakehouse, so we knew the desserts would be great. We ordered a slice of the Coconut Cake. This cake has four layers of coconut cake, coconut filling, and cream cheese frosting. The cake arrived to our table looking almost too pretty to eat. The frosting was light pink, and there was a nice looking raspberry sauce on the plate. The cake was one tall piece of dessert. It was really moist and the frosting had the right amount of sweetness. Between all four of us, we still couldn't polish it off, so it came home with us to finish later! 

If you're vegan or a vegetarian, you'd adore Cafe Flora. Even if you're meat eaters like my family and I, you'll still really enjoy the cuisine and the experience. 

The delicious Yam Fries. Don't sleep on some good yam fries, especially when they come with a great sauce like this cayenne aioli. 

My son's Pineapple Juniper Fizz drink.

My Gingersnap Old Fashioned. It was a classic Old Fashioned but with a piece of gingersnap as a garnish. 

The atrium area where we sat had this cool fountain in the center. Very serene. 

The main dining room at Cafe Flora. There are four areas to sit in the restaurant. 

Some yummy Cheese Quesadillas for the kiddos.

My husband's Italian Burger and yam fries. 

An overlay shot of my Kale Artichoke Dip. 

A nice Bloody Mary. 

The really tasty Coconut Cake. Look at all those layers!

Cafe Flora 

2109 E Madison St 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 325-9100


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