A Visit to the Seattle Art Museum for Free First Thursdays

 The Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle is free on the first Thursday of every month. So my husband and I decided to go visit today! It had been a few years since we visited. I've always loved this art museum, ever since we took a field trip there in art school years ago. The museum was established in 1993. I'm a lover of all museums. I always feel inspired by the interiors, the history, and the art itself. 

On this visit, I took some shots with my phone. I enjoyed looking at the Andy Warhol and the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. If you've never checked out the Seattle Art Museum, I recommend doing so! 

The Hammering Man statue stands guard in front of the museum. This 48 foot statue installed in 1991 and celebrates the worker's contribution to society. 

This floating tree sculpture, located in the museum's lobby, was installed in 2017. Called "Middle Fork" this sculpture has half a million bits of cedar. It will eventually end up back in the forest in North Bend, WA. 

Two vibrant pieces by Georgia O'Keeffe.
The first painting we saw was the iconic Elvis piece by Andy Warhol.

These paintings were some of the pieces for sale in the museum store.

The Seattle Art Museum 

1300 1st Ave

Seattle, WA 


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