A Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Party at The Flora Bakehouse


A heart shaped sugar cookie, decorated by my son, at The Flora Bakehouse.

This weekend my sons and I went to our neighborhood bakery, The Flora Bakehouse. We attended a Valentine's Day cookie decorating party. They had three time slots to choose from and the cost for each child was $15, plus an additional $3 processing fee since we had to order the tickets online. They had an hour to decorate and hang out. But most of us were done after about thirty minutes. Each child had a tray with two large heart shaped sugar cookies, various sprinkles, and different frosting containers. There were also stencils and Hershey Kisses for decorating. 

They had pink lemonade and snack bags with pretzels, cereal mix, and M&M's. The decorating party was held upstairs, and they had two long tables set up. My boys had fun decorating their cookies. They got done pretty fast, since they really wanted to just east them! 

As we were leaving, I took some photos of the Valentine's Day decorations downstairs and some photos of the delicious looking V-Day cupcakes and goodies in the display case. 

Congrats to The Flora Bakehouse for being open for two years. They just celebrated their birthday last month! 

The Flora Bakehouse

1511 S Lucile St.

Seattle, WA 

(206) 762-0418


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