Dinner at Taurus Ox

My family and I recently checked out Taurus Ox in Seattle. They're a Loatian Kitchen and they also serve cocktails. Loas is a country in Asia and is located next to Thailand. Loatian food is full of flavor, spicy, and is very aromatic. My husband and I started with a Pink Guava Lemon Drop. These cocktails were so tasty and very easy to drink. Guava is one of my favorite flavors, so I loved this drink. 

To eat, I had a dish similar to Phad Thai, but it was called Phad Loa. This noodle dish had stir fried rice noodles in a tamarind-padaek sauce, cabbage, peanuts, shredded egg, and herbs. I chose chicken for my protein. It had just the right level of heat for me. It was a huge serving, so definitely enough for two people to share. We also ordered some Jasmine Rice, which I recommend eating with the Phad Lao. The Pad Lao was on the salty side, so adding the rice made it just right.  

My husband ordered the Khao Poon which is Chicken- Rice Noodle Soup. It also had bamboo, red curry broth, quail eggs, and herbs. This dish was spicy, and he enjoyed it! This dish is not pictured below, since the quick photo I took didn't turn out. Something about my husband just wanting to eat and not wait for me to get a good photo, maybe? Sometimes you have to pack your patience when you go out to eat with me, what can I say? 

Taurus Ox doesn't take reservations unless you have more than four people. We can early, around 5:30 and were seated right away. The look and feel of the restaurant is cozy and dim with lots of Asian flair. If you like trying new flavors and cuisines, check out Taurus Ox in Seattle. 

A couple of tart and delicious Pink Guava Lemon Drops from Taurus Ox. 

I liked the booths and the money on the wall. 

My yummy Phad Lao. 

We tried another cocktail, but I don't remember its name. It was a spicy drink though and had tamarind. Tamarind ranges from sweet and sour to tangy and tart. Makes a great cocktail! 

This bamboo wall seperating the kitchen and dining area added a nice touch. 

The Ox's on the wall were also neat. 

Taurus Ox 

1523 E Madison St 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 972-0075


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