A Holiday Party at Bar Solea

 My family and I recently visited Bar Solea in downtown Seattle for my husband's holiday staff party. His employer likes to hold their annual party in early January, once the busyness of the holidays are over. Bar Solea is a Pizzeria, Trattoria, and Bar. They serve Neapolitan pizza and small plates. 

The party was held in the back of the restaurant, where they have a large lounge like space with couches, small tables, coffee tables, and a small bar area. Our group could spread out and visit with everyone while eating and drinking. The food was served buffet style. We were offered either white or red wine, beer, or Negroni cocktails. I started with a glass of red wine and then shared a Negroni with my husband. 

They had antipasti out first on the buffet table. There was Roman-style Focaccia bread, cured meats, olives, and seasonal raw veggies to snack on. Next, they brought out some pizzas. The pizza was served with scissors to cut your own piece. I had a couple of pieces of the Soppressata. This pizza has salami, red onion, pecorino, and picked sweet hot peppers on a Margherita base. 

After the pizzas, they had a variety of dishes from their main menu. There was Mediterranean Bass, Eggplant, Roast Carrots, Heirloom Chicories, a pork dish, and Gorgonzola Beans. Nothing was labeled, so I'm going off what I see on their website menu. For dessert, they put out some delicious Tiramisu.  

This was such a fun night at Bar Solea with my husband's co-workers and boss. It was fun catching up with everyone, enjoying some yummy food, and having a large space to do so. 

Some Antipasti to start. This was the Roman-style Focaccia and olives. 

Some Crudites-seasonal raw veggies with ranch. 

An Antipasti Misto. A plate of cured meats (imported and house-cured) with nuts and pickled veggies. 

Some of the comfy tables and chairs in the private dining room where we were. 

The main bar area in the front of Bar Solea. 

The bar and dining area. 

A Negroni cocktail. A Negroni is an Italian cocktail and has aperitif bitters. 

Cutting into some tasty authentic Neapolitan pizza. 

The main dishes at the event. 

A slice of Tiramisu! Loved the dark chocolate pieces on top and the spongy texture of the dessert.  

Bar Solea 

822 1st Ave 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 682-7460


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