Five Soft Serve Spots in Seattle | Part Four

Summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean you can't still indulge in some ice cream. Of course, you can eat ice cream anytime of the year, but there's something about treating yourself to ice cream on a warm day. There's nothing as satisfying when you're hot. Just make sure your soft serve doesn't melt before you get a photo. That would be a travesty! 

Why so many posts about soft serve on my blog? They just keep opening more and more new places here! I also love photographing this dessert since it's such a pretty item. But most importantly, soft serve ice cream is delicious! 

Scroll below for five more soft serve places in Seattle. And be sure to comment what your favorite ice cream place is where you live! 

Cold Plate 
5240 University Way NE Ste B 
Seattle, WA 

We checked out Cold Plate for the Seattle Bubble Tea Festival and we loved their soft serve sundaes! 
You can see that post right here

Kamp Social House 

2800 East Madison St 
Seattle, WA 

Kamp Social House not only has yummy sharable plates and handcrafted cocktails, but they have soft serve for dessert! See my post here

Somi Somi Ice Cream 

555 Southcenter Mall Ste 1020
Tukwila, WA 

I waited a long time for Somi Somi to open at Southcenter. The wait was worth it though. Their soft serve rocks and don't forget to add one of the Ah-boongs, the fish waffles, to pair with your ice cream. See my post here

YoYo and CoCo 
1719 North 45th St
Seattle, WA 

I recently visited YoYo and CoCo for some unique and fun desserts! Don't miss their soft serve though, and I recommend a swirl of two flavors! See more from when I went here

The Flora Bakehouse 
1511 South Lucile St
Seattle, WA 

I have an awesome bakery in my neighborhood and now they even sell soft serve. The Flora Bakehouse has some fun sundaes, and you can get soft serve in one of their house-made croissants! See my post right here

That's all my spots for this post! But look for more soft serve and other ice cream posts from me in the future. Make sure you're subscribed to so you don't miss a blog post! 

Looking for more places to get soft serve in Seattle and the surrounding area? Click the links below! 


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