Trying soft serve, Yogurt Cubes, and coffee served in a coconut at YoYo and CoCo


A soft serve swirl from Yoyo and Coco with Coconut Hojicha and Taro. 

YoYo and CoCo recently opened in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. They serve unique desserts like Yogurt Cubes and Americanos served in coconuts! They also have soft serve, which I can't seem to ever get enough of. They also have homemade Pandam waffle cones. 

They have a wide array of flavors for the Yogurt Cubes. You can get two kinds in one cup. We chose Oreo and Rose Pistachio. For our soft serve, we did a swirl of the Coconut Hojicha and Taro. After we ate our dessert, my husband decided he wanted some coffee. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted an Americano in a coconut. Sure enough, they were featured on the menu. I bought one for us to share and it cost a pretty penny. This fun and novelty drink was nine bucks! It was cool looking and fun to try, however. Now we can cross drinking coffee out of a coconut off our list, I guess? 

To make the drink, they take a fresh coconut and take off the top. Then they add coconut water, espresso, and creamer. The soft serve was my favorite, and I really liked the two flavors together. The Yogurt Cubes tasted interesting and had really great texture. 

Yoyo and Coco Yogurt and Coconut 

1719 N 45th St. 

Seattle, WA 


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