A Minions birthday party for my sons


A Minions birthday cake from QFC to celebrate my sons' 9th BD! 

My sons turn nine this week! Time flies! This weekend we had a birthday party for them at Jefferson Park in Beacon Hill. I chose the Minions theme for the party. I was looking at the different cakes QFC makes and got inspired when I saw their Minions cake. On Amazon, I found quite a bit of Minions party decor, napkins, and plates. I also put together goodie bags for the boys' friends. We had Minions stickers, candy, and toys. 

My son really wanted a Pinata, so I bought one on Amazon. We wanted a Minions one, but those were pretty pricey. I was happy when I saw a number nine, yellow Pinata. It was really easy to fill with candy. I also bought a three-pound bag of candy for it, and the extra candy went into the goodie bags. 

Costco pizza always hits the spot! Really cheap and tasty! 

Our Pinata, which didn't take long for the kids to destroy so they could get the candy out.

I think I ordered a chocolate cake, but this cake was really good nonetheless.

One of the cute Minions from the cake. I love the Minions movies, they're so funny! 
Minions stickers that were part of the goodie bags. 

We had such a fun birthday party! 


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