A Visit to the WA State Fair


Fair food is so fun and unique! Pictured is a Nashville Hot Chicken Waffle Sandwich from the Washington State Fair. 

It had been a few years since I attended the WA State Fair in Puyallup. I couldn't wait to go again and eat great food, ride some rides, and check out some animals. I love fairs! I mean, who doesn't? As a kid, going to the fair was always the best part of my summer. I would count down the days and it was always the last awesome thing I did before it was back to school time. Here in WA, the fair is in September. This year, we attended on the opening day, September 2nd. For Labor Day weekend, kids get in free. But yesterday for the first day, adults also got in for free by bringing a canned food item. So we saved a lot by getting in for free! 

That was a good thing since everything inside the fair cost a lot. They raised prices on everything, so I felt like we were spending a ton. The first thing we did was buy some ride tickets. It was $60 for 120 tickets. Each ride and game were around 10-12 tickets. We only were able to ride three rides and do a couple of games. It was also a warm day, so standing in the direct sun while waiting for rides and food was a bit much. We would have stayed longer and bought more tickets for rides if it was a bit cooler out. 

My son wanted to ride a roller coaster. My sons are finally tall enough for the big kid rides! I loved the idea of going with my son. We waited about twenty minutes and then got on. I wasn't prepared at all for those steep drops! This was my first roller coaster since I was a kid, and I forgot how crazy they are. It felt like my teeth were going to fall out, or we'd go flying out, too! The feeling of being on a ride like this is unparallel! 

Then we treated ourselves to some cotton candy. By this time, we were all starving and needed some actual food, so we took off to look for some unique and tasty fair food for lunch. Right away, we saw a sign for Chicken Waffle Sandwiches and Doughnut Burgers! We all were intrigued so we got in a rather long line and ordered. Along with the Nashville Hot Chicken Waffle Sandwich and a Doughnut Smash Burger, we got a Korean Cheese Dog with Hot Cheetos, and Fried Oreos. 

The four of us split everything, so we didn't overeat! Our favorite was the Waffle Sandwich. The waffle was sweet and crispy, and the chicken was cooked right and had the perfect level of spice. We were disappointed by the doughnut burger because of how dry the doughnut was. It was a dry, cake doughnut and not glazed like it was advertised. The meat was also dry and under seasoned. We don't recommend getting this one. 

My son loved the Korean Cheese Dog. The cheese pulls were legendary, and he loved the Hot Cheetos coating. My other son really liked the Fried Oreos. I've had these before and you really can't go wrong with them. My husband wanted a cocktail, so we went to one of the many beer gardens. We waited outside while he went to the Social House, located close to the main fair entrance, and got a Rum Punch. 

Then we did some more rides and a game of darts. My sons did two of the little kid rides at Small Ville, the kid area with lots of rides near the back of the fairgrounds. Then we shared a Vanilla Soft Serve in a waffle cone. It melted so fast since it was hot out though! I was really thirsty, so I bought a Boba Tea nearby the soft serve place at Squishy Pop Bubble Tea. I bought a Guava Fruit Tea, but it tasted more like a Passion Tea. But it was so refreshing I didn't mind. 

By then, we needed to get out of the sun, so it was the perfect time to see the animals! The barn animals were so cute! We checked out the Horses, Cows, Donkeys, Alpacas, and more. Then we walked around and looked at an art gallery in the main indoor building, which had AC and felt wonderful! By then, we were all tired of walking, so we decided to call it a day! But before we left, I played around on my phone with the panoramic feature. I got a cool photo!

 Until next year, WA State Fair! 

Washington State Fair

110 9th Ave SW 

Puyallup, WA 


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