Checking out the new SomiSomi Ice Cream at Westfield Southcenter


A soft serve swirl with Pink Guava and Ube, topped with Fruity Pebbles, a macaron, and an upside-down ah-boong with Nutella filling. 

I'd been waiting months from SomiSomi to open at my local mall, Westfield Southcenter. SomiSomi Ice Cream is known for their incredible soft serve and the Korean ah-boong. An ah-boong is a fish shaped waffle that's hollow and has a filling. You can get it upside-down with your soft serve or have the soft serve inside and used liked a cone. Since we'd had that before at other spots, we wanted to try the fish waffle upside-down on top of our ice cream. 

SomiSomi just opened last Friday, so I wanted to wait a few days so it wouldn't be so busy. When my family and I went, there was no line or wait at all. I felt so lucky! I chose the Pink Guava and Ube swirl with an upside-down ah-boong filled with Nutella. After you pay, you can choose unlimited toppings and even a macaron! I chose Fruity Pebbles and a macaron for mine. My son chose Cookies and Cream soft serve with an upside-down ah-boong and a macaron. 

The soft serve was nice and firm. The Pink Guava flavor was perfectly sweet and tasted so refreshing. I'd never had guava ice cream before, and this was unexpectedly good. And anything with Fruity Pebbles is gonna be delicious. The Ube was good, but I find Ube flavor to be more pretty than anything as the flavor is always subtle. 

They also have drinks like a fresh Strawberry Milk and Cold Brew, plus Cold Brew Floats that I want to try next time. I'm thrilled that Westfield Southcenter has a great soft serve spot now! 

My son's Cookies and Cream soft serve with an upside-down ah-boong and a macaron. 

SomiSomi Ice Cream 

2800 Southcenter Mall Ste 1020

Tukwila, WA 


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