Dinner at Money Frog in Capitol Hill


Cocktails at Money Frog. A Manhattan and a Pineapple Pizza. 

My family and I recently dined with friends at Money Frog, located on Cap Hill. They serve Pan-Asian cuisine in a cozy and inviting space with a lounge-like feel. We all enjoyed the mix of Asian art and frog art that graced the walls. The restaurant has two levels. The bar, hostess stand, a few tables, and an open kitchen are on the main floor, giving off a loft feel. A small staircase takes you into the main dining area. This space is new to Money Frog, a little over a month. They moved from 19th Ave into this new space. They are the same owners as Taurus Ox and Hangry Panda. 

I couldn't wait to try the food. Not only do frogs grace the walls, but it's also on the menu. If you've never eaten Frog Legs, they resemble chicken wings in taste and texture. At Money Frog they do a nice and crispy batter, giving them a little more oomph than your standard frog legs. My son liked the Frog Legs so much, he ate a bunch of them. They're prepared with a fish sauce maple syrup, cumin, coriander, and pickled Fresno (chilis). 

But before we ate, we started with a drink. I was intrigued by their Pineapple Pizza cocktail. It has Tequila Reposado, Pineapple juice, and a rim with Togarashi and pepperoni garnishes. This was a unique drink and I found it really spicy. If you're looking for a cocktail with a real zing, it's this one. It did taste just like a slice of Pineapple Pizza. Beware of the Togarashi rim. My lips were burning for a hot minute. It's a common Japanese spice mixture with seven ingredients. My husband had one of his favorite drinks, a classic Manhattan. Our friend had the K-Peach drink. This drink had Sparkling wine and peach liquor. 

Along with the Frog Legs we also ordered the Sesame Fries, Green Beans, Chicken Momo, and the Mongolian Beef. Our of all the dishes, we enjoyed the beef dish the most. The sirloin flap steak was tender and cooked perfectly and served with mushrooms and caramelized onions which accompanied the beef well. 

The Sesame Fries were fun to try, and super tasty at that. We'd never had fries prepared this way before and wondered where they'd been all our lives. The Green Beans tasted fresh and had a nice snap to them. They were seasoned and cooked just right and served with a honey mustard sauce, which bizarrely worked. The Chicken Momo reminded us of dumplings we've enjoyed at Dim Sum. The sauce was savory, and the chicken was tender. I could have kept eating and eating them, but unfortunately, I was getting too full.  

Money Frog is a great spot for groups, and they do take reservations. If you like Pan-Asian food and trying new flavors, you should try this spot! Parking can be tricky in this area of Capitol Hill, but at the same time there's also quite a bit of free street parking. 

Our table for seven in the main dining room. 

I loved this frog art on the wall, but I felt kind of bad eating frog legs with this guy watching. 

You can see part of the kitchen on the main level of the restaurant. This layout gave me a sunken living room feel, giving me cozy vibes. 

My spicy, but really fun, cocktail.

The crispy and hot fries with sesame seeds, sour cream, and toasted sesame oil. 

The Green Beans with a Sambal Honey Mustard, sesame seeds and fried garlic. 

The Frog Legs which were prepared like chicken wings with a nice and crispy batter. 

The delicious and savory Chicken Momo with a Chermoula Sauce and Perilla. 

The Mongolian Beef dish with the tender beef. Filling, savory, and cooked just right. 

My friends' K-Peach drink, served with a lemon zest. 

Some vibrant art that graced part of the dining room. 

When you first walk in, you'll be greeted by this froggy near the bar area. 

Some smaller two-tops by the entrance and the bar.

This money art was so fun and eye-catching. 

Money Frog 

1449 E Pine St

Seattle, WA 

(206) 487-9886


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