Six Soft Serve Spots in Seattle | Part Three

 I promised a part three in the future for more soft serve spots in Seattle, so here it is! More and more places keep opening, which is lucky for me and you. Whether you live in Seattle, or you're planning a visit, keep these places in mind! 

Here are two quick links to my previous soft serve posts:

You can find part one here and part two here! Including this post, that's twenty-one spots for you to discover to satisfy your soft serve craving! There's even more in the city that I haven't checked out yet. But I've been to most of them. 

Be sure to add these to your foodie list!  

Roji Monster Ice Cream

5000 University Way NE, Seattle

(206) 504-2773

Roji Monster opened last year and they serve adorable Korean Shaved Ice in the shape of a monster. And they also have soft serve. The portions are small since they come on the side with the shaved ice. Each day they feature two flavors. I tried the Thai Tea and it was creamy and looked so cute in a small bowl. 

Kakigori Dessert 

16864 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila

(253) 246-7047

Kakigori has two locations in Seattle- Capital Hill and Tukwila. Be sure to grab some vanilla soft serve with mango and sticky rice. You won't regret it! They also have drinks, shaved ice, and unique soft serve toppings. Perfect after a trip to Westfield Southcenter if you visit the location in Tukwila, or after dining at one of the restaurants on Southcenter Pkwy.  

Indigo Cow 

1911 N 45th St. Seattle

(206) 547-4649

Indigo Cow is the first place in the U.S to serve ice cream with milk from Hakkaido, Japan. They also have homemade waffle cones which they dye differently for each holiday. I visited around Valentine's Day this year and got a pretty pink cone. Then it was topped with chocolate chips and pink hearts. This ice cream treat was superb.  

188 Bellevue Square, Bellevue

(425) 590-9024

Though not technically in Seattle, a trip to Chamei Matcha in Bellevue is a must. Their store is bright and easy to locate in the mall. And their soft serve is colorful and lovely, with toppings such as mochi, matcha cake, and mini fish Taiyaki. Try the Ube soft serve! 

1715 12th Ave Ste 100, Seattle

(206) 413-5903

For a relaxing time, to enjoy some tea and soft serve, head to Atulea on Capital Hill. Their space is serene and has plenty of IG backgrounds, if you're looking for that. You can mix two flavors for your soft serve, for a twist. I enjoyed the Matcha and the Peach, and I added some boba just for fun. 

510 E Pine St. Seattle

(206) 979-8800

Just opened, Baiten is a takeout window serving desserts on Cap Hill. It's next to Tamari Bar, the restaurant side of the business. They have a lot of matcha options, but if you're not a matcha fan, try the Black Sesame on your soft serve. The flavor was nutty and delicious, and is also served with a sesame cracker for some salty crunch. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these six spots in the Seattle area for soft serve. Summer's coming up, and that means ice cream season! Enjoy! 


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