Dinner and Dessert on Capitol Hill


Vanilla Soft Serve with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pieces from Rachel's Ginger Beer. 

If you can get past the limited parking on Capitol Hill in Seattle, you'll find endless options for dining, drinks, and desserts. We drove around for at least ten minutes, and ended up a few blocks away from our destination, but that's Capitol Hill for you. We had a light dinner at Elysian Brewing Company, a lively brewpub with cocktails, beer, and pub food. Kids can dine here but are limited to the front of the restaurant. There's no kids' menu, so we all shared a few items. 

We had the Jerk Chicken Wrap, fries, and the pretzels. My husband had a Pilsner, and I chose an Apricot Cider. It was fruity and refreshing! The wrap had really good flavor and so did the fries. The pretzels were pretty hard and difficult to eat. Since we all shared and didn't eat too much, we decided to grab some soft serve at Rachel's Ginger Beer a couple of blocks away. 

They have vanilla soft serve and Dole Whips, although they were out of Dole Whips. Sprinkles are complimentary on the soft serve and they also have other toppings available. I chose Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pieces on my soft serve. My sons chose sprinkles. RGB's soft serve is so good and creamy! I also love their interior and how bright and aesthetic it is. They have so many Ginger Beer options, if you're feeling thirsty. You can also choose a Ginger Beer Float with soft serve, and even make it boozy. I've had this drink before, and recommend it! 

So if you're able to overlook the parking situation, you can have a lot of good eats and fun on Cap Hill!  

Elysian Brewing Co. 

Rachel's Ginger Beer 

Elysian Brewing Co.

1221 E Pike St.

Seattle, WA 

(206) 860-1920

Rachel's Ginger Beer

1610 12th Ave. 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 397-4122


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