Pumpkin Desserts for National Pumpkin Day

 Fall arrived awhile ago with its beautiful and bright colors. A lot of the leaves have fallen, but the trees are still so bright and orange. And today is National Pumpkin Day. One thing I love about fall besides the pretty foliage are the pumpkin treats. 

I made two pumpkin items this October. I baked some really easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I made these before and you can see that post here. My whole house smelled like pumpkin and melted chocolate and I wasn't mad about it. These are really easy with only three ingredients. Perfect thing to make on a rainy fall afternoon. 

My husband and I also grabbed some soft serve from  Milk Drunk one day while our boys were in school. One of October's specialty flavors is Pumpkin Mascarpone Soft Serve and they also have Halloween sprinkles! It was really creamy and dense ice cream and I could taste the pumpkin flavor well. 

Today for National Pumpkin Day I baked Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting. I topped them with Halloween sprinkles and Candy Corn since Halloween is this weekend. I used the recipe from Allrecipes.com and you can find it here. I used the wrong baking pan, a 13x9 instead of a jelly roll pan and my bars turned out really thick like cake. Oh well, they still taste delicious and just like fall! They taste best chilled because of the cream cheese frosting. 

What kinds of desserts are you baking or buying for fall and Halloween? Have a happy and safe holiday this weekend and happy National Pumpkin Day!  


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