Coffee and Sweets in Florence, OR


An Iced Salted Caramel Mocha from River Roasters was the perfect thing to sip on! 

The coastal town of Florence on the Oregon Coast has some treasures for foodies. Along with notable places to dine, there's also some quality coffeeshops and candy stores. During our stay this year, we visited two coffeeshops and two candy stores. 

First up is River Roasters, located in Old Town Florence along the Siuslaw River. This coffeeshop is warm and welcoming, with a local feel. I chose an Iced Salted Caramel Mocha and a lemon bar. Their space is large with plenty of indoor seating, and even outdoor seating with views of the river. My coffee was sweet and refreshing and my lemon bar was really satisfying. Don't miss this spot!  

River Roasters

1240 Bay St #9648, Florence, OR

(541) 997-3443

After having our coffee and dessert, we continued walking through Old Town. When we spotted The Jolly Egret, we knew we wanted to stop in and shop for some candy. This candy and toy store is quite large with something for everyone young and young at heart. I was immediately drawn to their chocolate truffle display and chose several to buy. The flavors were so unique and they sounded mouthwatering. I selected a Key Lime Pie Truffle, a Sea Salt Caramel, and a Pecan Pie one. My son and I taste tested them later, and we were both big fans. Our favorite truffle was the Pecan Pie. 

The Jolly Egret

1312 Bay St. Florence, OR

(541) 991-3842  

Another day during our stay in Florence we visited Old Town Coffee Roasters. This is another local spot in Old Town with very homey and warm vibes. Like River Roasters, there's lots of indoor seating options. I had a Chai Latte while my husband had an Americana. They have lots of pastries to choose from. My son chose a Chocolate Chip Cookie and my other son had a Chocolate Milk. 

Old Town Coffee Roasters

125 1\2 Nopal St. Florence, OR

(541) 997-1786

Another place to shop in Florence for gifts and candy is Wind Drift Gallery. They have lots of candy and chocolates to choose from. Kids will love the chocolate covered Oreos and various gummy candy. My son chose a chocolate covered Oreo and I picked a chocolate with huckleberry cream. I also selected a bag of gummy sharks and root beer gummies for my husband. 

Wind Drift Gallery 

125 Maple St. Florence, OR

(541) 997-9182


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