A Visit to Newport, OR

It's no secret I like lighthouses. My favorite one is Yaquina Head and is located in Newport, OR. Yaquina Head Lighthouse stands 93 feet tall and was first lit in 1873. Newport is about an hour and a half drive north up highway 101 from Florence, where we stayed. I wanted to show my sons the lighthouse and explore Newport with them. 

The day was warm and gorgeous for late September. The boys liked the lighthouse and ran around, blowing off extra energy from sitting in the car. I really enjoyed seeing Yaquina Head again and photographing it. It had been over ten years since I'd visited. The lighthouse had a fresh coat of paint and looked gorgeous. I couldn't help taking pictures of its every angle. 

After visiting the lighthouse we went to Nye Beach. I was surprised by how many sand dunes there were. My sons had a blast playing in the sand. Then we had dinner at The Taphouse at Nye Creek. I was craving pizza and their menu looked really good. We started with a cocktail. My husband had a Manhattan and I had a Mai Tai with Marionberry syrup. We ordered a Pepperoni Pizza and a Cheese. My husband ordered a Pacific Cod fish sandwich. The Pepperoni pizza had so much pepperoni layered on it, it was crazy. I had a few slices and enjoyed the rest the next day in our hotel room. The cheese pizza was nice and cheesy and my sons liked it. For dessert, we shared a slice of Cheesecake with chocolate sauce. 

The drive back to Florence was a scenic one. The views along 101 are really something. Years ago, my brother and I drove down 101 to San Francisco. It's such a stunning drive along the Pacific Ocean and through all of the small beach towns in OR and CA. 

The Taphouse at Nye Creek 

520 NW Alpine St. Newport, OR 

(541) 272-5545


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