Trying Boba Tea Ice Cream Bars


                                A Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar from Lam's Seafood Market! 

So I finally got my hands on some Boba Ice Cream Bars. These are very hyped up on Instagram and I was looking for these bars for quite a while. I'd heard they were expensive and not super good, but I was interested in trying them and seeing for myself. So when I saw online that Lam's Seafood Market in Tukwila had them I figured I'd stop in next time I was in the area. About three days later, we were nearby and I was able to stop in. To my delight, I found the bars right away in a small freezer near the check out area. They also had some really cute Panda Bear Ice Cream Bars that I also purchased. 

When we arrived home, I took each ice cream bar outside and took some photos. Then the best part of all-trying each one! The Brown Sugar Boba bar exceeded my expectations and was really one of the best things I've eaten! There was actual boba pearls in the bar and they were really soft and sweet. The ice cream was super creamy and satisfying and the brown sugar flavor tasted just like an actual Brown Sugar Boba drink. Yum! Yes, the price is high for four bars at seven bucks. But I think the price is worth it for how delicious these treats are. 

The Panda bars were really rich and satisfying. If you love both vanilla and chocolate together, you'd love these. The ice cream was so smooth and creamy and the chocolate part was nice and rich. These ice cream bars both hit the spot. We're experiencing pretty hot weather for September and the air is smoky from all of the fires in CA, OR, and here in Eastern WA. So ice cream is the answer if you want to cool down! 


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