Cocktails with Fireworks from Vons 1000 Spirits


                   The Zombie cocktail from Von's 1000 Spirits actually has a sparkler! Cheers! 

I love finding unique food and drinks. At Von's 1000 Spirits in downtown, you'll find drinks with cotton candy and even ones with fireworks. I couldn't pass up that cocktail since its something I'd never tried. The sparkler went off for about 15 seconds, affording me some time to take a video for my IG and get some shots on my Nikon. The drink had rum and tasted like a Mai Tai. Von's also has a great all day happy hour deal on some of the drinks. Manhattans are just $5! We shared an order of their yummy fries to go with our drinks. We may just make this place a habit since the Manhattans are so cheap and the food is really tasty, too. 


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