A Visit to Blackball Original Taiwanese Desserts


A large Carmel Milk Tea with boba pearls from Blackball in Seattle's International District. 

The weekend finally arrived and the smoke finally cleared in Seattle. The rain came and thankfully, the smoke went bye bye. I decided to celebrate with a Boba Tea. We headed to the I.D since I didn't want to go too far out of the way. We decided to check out Blackball Original Taiwanese Desserts since it looked interesting and is wasn't crowded at all inside. 

I chose a Caramel Milk Tea with Boba since I like my drinks sweet. We were hungry so we also chose several snacks. Some fries, eggrolls, and popcorn chicken made their way into our bellies. The presentation of the food wasn't impressive and it tasted just ok. But I really enjoyed my drink. It tasted like cereal milk. You know the sugary milk that's left in your bowl after you eat some cereal? The Caramel Milk Tea tasted like Fruit Loops or Caption Crunch and I wasn't mad about it. The boba pearls weren't sweet at all. Sometimes I'll have the brown sugar Boba Pearls at places and they are delicious. 

They have an upstairs dining area with couches, tables, and board games. We hung out up there and enjoyed ourselves. There's a really narrow and windy staircase to get up there. 

Trying new spots for Boba Tea is always fun and luckily, the Seattle area has a bunch of places to go. 


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