Trying a Ube Latte at Coffeeholic House


A fun and unique Ube Latte with Cheese Foam from Coffeeholic in Columbia City. 

Back in the Springtime when all this Covid stuff started, a new coffeeshop opened up in Columbia City. Because coffee is essential, they've done very well and had no trouble drumming up business. Social media played into that as well, as Instagram is such an efficient way to get the word out. Since Coffeeholic House opened, I've seen so many pretty photos of their coffees and I couldn't wait to visit their store. 

It's now the end of August, how did we get here? And I finally moseyed my way over to try some coffee. They serve Vietnamese coffee and are starting a Viet-Fusion coffee trend. Coffeeholic serves drinks with Ube and Cheese foam, and I couldn't wait to try it.  Ube is a purple sweet potato and have been popular in desserts lately. I chose a large, 20 oz, Ube Latte with Almond Milk and extra Cheese Foam. I also bought a Chocolate Croissant. There is no seating available, but for now there's an outdoor patio area up the street where you can hang out and enjoy your food and drinks. I really like their interior and the wall mural with the bird is beautiful. 

My drink was really pretty and colorful. I enjoyed the cheese foam on top. I think the Almond Milk took away from the coffee and Ube flavor a bit though. I couldn't taste the Ube too much, but it did make a unique looking coffee drink. The chocolate croissant wasn't my favorite, as the chocolate was too dark and bitter for my taste. I'd been hearing wonderful things about this place and I'm glad I finally stopped in. 


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