August Vibes in Seattle

 The summer is almost gone and I haven't seen too many sunsets. Yesterday I decided I wanted to head to Kerry Park and capture some nicely lit shots. As the time grew closer to heading over there, the sky was covered in clouds. By the time I arrived at the popular overlook of Seattle, there were some raindrops. Luckily, those went away and there was some clearing over the city. I hung around about forty five minutes and was able to get some good shots. The sky was pretty and the buildings nicely lit. I used my Nikon with a 18-140 mm lens so I could shoot a wide variety of shots. 

Kerry Park is one of my favorite views of the city. I love how the Space Needle is front and center, like it's poised and ready to be photographed. Over the years, the buildings behind it have expanded and grown. I can't believe how many skyscrapers the Seattle skyline now has. 

When I was satisfied with my shots, I headed back home to Beacon Hill, stopping along the way on the Seattle waterfront to get some photos of the Seattle Great Wheel. By that time, the pretty and colorful lights were on the Wheel. Maybe I'll get back into the city in the next few weeks and get some more shots. There's a lot of new buildings I've yet to photograph. These would be great to shoot at magic hour. 


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