A Visit to The Milk Drunk

There's nothing like chocolate soft serve covered in potato chips for that summer afternoon treat!

A new spot opened in my neighborhood recently. It's a place that serves some of my favorite things. Soft serve ice cream, boozy slushies, and awesome chicken sandwiches. The Milk Drunk in Beacon Hill is owned by the same people as Restaurant Homer, the popular Mediterranean restaurant right down the street. For now, the seating is limited and they have two outdoor tables. After we got our eats, I took some photos and we headed home to grub. 

I was really excited about the soft serve and my husband was looking forward to trying one of the chicken sandwiches. And our boys wanted soft serve and waffle fries. I chose a Malted Chocolate soft serve on a cone with potato chips because I do enjoy a sweet and savory dessert. The ice cream was so creamy and rich! I loved the chocolate flavor and the crispy chips on top were perfect with it. My boys each chose a swirl cone with both Vanilla and Chocolate and picked crushed Oreos for their topping. 

My husband I shared a Pina Colada boozy slushy. We both loved the flavor and it was super refreshing. The drink was actually pretty strong, too. We also shared the Basic chicken sandwich. This one has brined and double fried chicken, mayo, house pickles, and ice burg lettuce. The sandwiches are huge! The coating on the chicken was nice and thick and full of flavor. This has gotta be one of the best chicken sandwiches around! Do yourself a favor and go grab one if you love these kind of sandwiches. They have been selling out often, so go early like we did. We went around 4 pm and there was no line. This is the kind of neighborhood spot I've always wanted in Beacon Hill. I can't wait until my next visit! 


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