Oh Bear Cafe and Teahouse

A Black Tea with Sea Salt Crema and Grass Jelly from Oh Bear Café and Teahouse. 

Who doesn't like bears and bubble tea? Oh Bear Café and Teahouse in the U-District has a cute bear theme with a bear logo and teddy bears arranged around the café. Along with bubble tea, they sell desserts like Chocolate Mousse Cups, Taiyaki (fish shaped waffles with fillings), sandwiches, and crepes. I'd been wanting to try a Japanese sandwich for a while. They have white bread with no crust and they come with either sweet or savory fillings. I chose a Strawberry sandwich, and it also had a really creamy filling. We couldn't tell if it was whip cream or cream cheese. The sandwich was good and really easy to share.

We chose their Black Tea with Sea Salt Crema with Grass Jelly. They were out of boba and they had to make more black tea, so I waited about fifteen minutes for my drink. The drink was solid. I liked the bear logo and the flavor of the crema on top. I'm glad I added the grass jelly, as the drink would have been a little plain without it. This is a fun café if you're in the area!


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