Checking out the Pacific Science Center

It had been at least a decade since I'd visited Seattle's Pacific Science Center. My sons had never visited and I knew they'd love it. So I ended up purchasing a membership for our family. This weekend the four of us visited. The museum is perfect for kids of all ages. 

My boys' favorite exhibits were the Dinosaurs and the Butterflys. Our annual membership also includes fifteen IMAX shows. In the rainy winter months its nice to have a place inside to play and learn, and museum memberships are perfect for that. This weekend, there was a special train exhibit located throughout the museum. There were small trains going around a long track and my boys spotted the mini McDonalds right away.

 I took my camera along on this first visit so I could capture some of what we saw. The Space Needle made a lot of appereances, since its close by. The Butterfly's were fun and vibrant. One decided it really liked me and didn't want to leave my pant leg. The space section was really cool and the giant colorful globe shined brightly. 

After we left the museum, we let the boys play by the Seattle Center fountain. I took some more shots of the Space Needle there, since apparently I can't get enough of it. I'm looking forward to our next visit to the Science Center, since there's still more to check out. 


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