A Holiday Party at Cafe Munir in Ballard

We dined at Café Munir for a holiday party my husband's employers threw. In 2013, we also attended an event for his work, and you can see that post here. We took over the restaurant for our event, and we were able to spread out and have a good time. The drinks were flowing while we waited for the food to come out. I had a glass of Felix, a nice and light red wine. My husband had a Manhattan which was really smooth and easy to sip. 

Café Munir serves Lebanese food. The dishes are simple with fresh and authentic ingredients, and cooked perfectly. The servers were helpful and accommodating to our large group. After everyone was seated, they brought out dish after dish for us. The first course was full of greens, chickpeas, mushrooms, cauliflower, and couscous. There were plenty of pieces of flatbread for us to assemble our own wraps. Everything tasted amazing and fresh. 

The next course were the meats. They brought out a very tender Lamb Stew. The other meat dish was Roasted Chicken with Sumac. It was covered in roasted onions and pita and served alongside lemon slices and garlic butter. The chicken had a smoky flavor from the sumac, a plant which is ground into a spice and used in Lebanese cooking. There was also a vegetarian dish with rice, beans, capers, and topped with fried onions.    

Then for dessert we were treated to their outstanding Baklava, which I couldn't get enough of. I may of snuck a second piece. Alongside that were ramekins of milk pudding, a dessert called Muhallabiyeh. It was creamy and delicate. 

If you want to try something different and have never experienced Lebanese cuisine, Café Munir is the perfect place to do that.   


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