Shiny Tea

A visit over to the Eastside to go hiking in Issaquah led us to Shiny Tea. This Bubble Tea store is located near Costco and is pretty easy to find. Their panda theme was adorable and I couldn't stop snapping away inside the store. I chose a large Panda Brown Sugar Milk Tea to share with my husband. I love bubble tea but not all of the calories and sugar, so we usually share. After taking shots of my drink all over the store, I jumped in the car and we finally tried it. The milk tea was delicious. So refreshing and not overly sweet. The tapioca pearls were mini and easy to chew. The flavor of the tea tasted a little like Chai, which I loved. The only problem was drinking it and then going hiking meant having to take advantage of the porta potties before and after the hike. Awww, the things we do for bubble tea. 


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